Daily Facial Make Over


Facial Mud Scrub, Facial Mud Mask, Eye Cream, Mineral Day Cream and Anti Ageing Mineral Night Cream. Paraben Free. Colour Free.

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Mud Scrub: Unique Dead Sea Mud Scrub, combining nature’s most renowned ingredients; Dead Sea Mud, essential oils and minerals with the most professional skin care by our Dead Sea laboratories. Tiny granules of Dead Sea Mud rich in minerals remove dead skin cells, while purifying and smoothing the skin to leave it clean, refreshed and visibly radiant.

Mud Mask: Ever Since Purifying Mud Mask combines nature’s most prized ingredients with the most expert skin care from our Dead Sea laboratories. Dead Sea Mud enriched with minerals, essential oils (such as Avocado, Calendula, Vanilla oils) and vitamins, to gently yet effectively provide deep cleansing with purifying action to unclog pores and absorb excess oil, leaving skin purified and revitalized. Made with pure spring water. Paraben free. Colour free.

Day Cream: Your guardian during the day. Extensive research by our skin care experts has created this exquisite cream combining unique sun filters and protecting agents with premium hydrating and anti oxidant compounds such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, pure almond oil and Aloe Vera extract.

Night Cream: This formula combines active minerals from the Dead Sea together with unique natural active compounds such as grape and Borage seed oil, Q10 enzyme and green tea extracts to provide your skin with the minerals essential for regeneration of skin cells, increased hydration level, reduced appearance of fine lines and the prevention of premature skin aging.

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